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Present Like a Pro: 7 Ways to Avoid Being Super Boring & Scared on Stage

Presenter: Angela Lussier, Speaker | Author | Trainer

Workshop Description:

You buy tickets to your annual industry conference. You scour the workshop listing, circle your favorites, and set out the door for what promises to be a big day of education, entertainment, and hopefully, lifelong connections. You arrive at your first workshop of the day and the speaker falls flat. His slides are boring, his affect is that of a day-old pancake, and there are no juicy takeaways. Presenter #2 seems scared of herself (never mind the audience) and can barely piece together a sentence. As an audience member, you recognize it’s going to be a long day of poorly created presentations. You may also realize that it could be YOU who’s up there presenting, if only you knew where to start and how to avoid the many mistakes you observe in the speakers throughout the day. In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you’ll learn the seven key strategies professional speakers use to engage their audience, leave a lasting impression, and give a presentation that not only educates, but has the audience talking about you for days or weeks to come. If public speaking is an area in which you want to excel, you don’t want to miss this workshop!

About the Presenter:

Stop waiting and start creating. That’s Angela’s philosophy. She doesn’t just walk her talk; she runs full-sprint likely wearing some brightly colored outfit. Most recently, she created the Speaking School for Women to train creative, entrepreneurial women to become well-paid, in-demand speakers. She is also the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood, a global network of speaking clubs for women (there’s even one at Click starting September 19th!). Even though Angela was a “shy girl,” it didn’t stop her from becoming an award-winning speaker with 500+ presentations under her belt – including 2 TEDx talks. She is the host of the Claim the Stage podcast and her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. She lives in Holyoke, MA with her husband and two strange cats.


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