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Arts Night Out

This month's Arts Night Out will feature piano by Cara Hudson-Erdman, improv by Funktionlust, and the final month of our exhibition of paintings and photographs by artist Chris Page.

5:00-6:30 PM Cara Hudson-Erdman (piano): A senior at Northampton High School, Cara has been playing piano for a decade. She currently studies with Professor Judith Gordon of Smith College.

6:30-8:00 PM: Funktionlust, now in its 12th year as Northampton High School's Improv group, has enough liveliness to power Childs Park! With all their spontaneity and and enthusiasm, they have entertained their audiences at Northampton's First Night, Florence's Night Out, the Lathrop Community and with their fellow students at NHS. They are psyched to be on stage for Northampton Arts Night Out!

Art by Chris Page: Chris Page will be showing paintings and photographs that reflect his walking in nature practice, where he holds attentive awareness on the transformation of the sky, ocean, and landscape. Four large scale sky and ocean paintings will be on the first floor. Featured upstairs is a new set of seven connected paintings and related photographs based on his observing over two weeks this past April the chaotic entanglement of branches and emerging spring foliage. 

About the Artist:

Chris Page, born in Madrid, Spain, grew up in the Boston area. Page has lived and worked in the house he built in the Pelham Hills of the Pioneer Valley since leaving Boston in 1974. He has exhibited throughout Massachusetts, in Brooklyn, NY and at the LewAllen Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. His website can be found at