Click Workspace is an incubator for entrepreneurial efforts, collaborative ventures and professional growth. Office space is designed to allow members to collaborate, network and contribute.

Innovation and creativity are the engines of economic growth. Creativity is not a solitary process. It happens within networks. It happens when talented people get together, when idea systems and mentalities merge. Bringing creative professionals under the same roof allows members to learn from each other and with time collaboratively start new ventures, grow existing businesses and enhance their business network.

Click Workspace offers a fully furnished co-working space in Western Massachusetts for entrepreneurs, technologists, new media workers, writers, editors, sustainability experts, graphic designers and other creative professionals.

  • Shared Open Area - Members will have open seating. Members will be allowed to talk and use the phone on a limited basis.
  • Conference Room with free long distance.
  • Kitchenette.
  • Permanent Desks - Members will have permanent desks in a shared office.
  • Offices for single occupancy.
  • Events Area - Shared Open Area and Conference Rooms are set up for multi-use, and available for workshops and events.
  • Printer and scanner.
  • Wireless Internet.

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