4 Body Language Cues You Need to Know When Networking

Freelancers, founders, consultants... you name it, in the modern economy we all need to network.  >50% of communication is via body language, so its best for us to be aware of it! put together a nice piece highlighting 4 simple tips to improve networking.  

Short version:

  1. Eye Contact - make it.
  2. Arm Movement - be aware of it.
  3. & 4. Posture & Facial Expressions - say a lot more than you realize. 

Read the full version here


Entrepreneurship Summer Bash!

If you haven't already heard, we're holding an Entrepreneurship Summer Bash this Thursday5-7pm @ 20 Hampton Ave, Northampton MA (right behind Sylvester's), convenient parking is located at the Northampton Parking Garage.

There will be food, wine, beer, people passionate about changing the world through entrepreneurship, AND in a family-friendly environment complete with some games and a water fountain :).  We would be delighted if you can join us for the fun.  

More details here