Clean Water For The Philippines, From Car Batteries And Kentucky College Students


FastCoExist brings us this awesome story of college entrepreneurs who have found a way to sustainably deliver clean water to folks in the Philippines (or anywhere) using cheap, readily available components.

The M-100 Chlorine Generator isn’t complicated or beautifully designed. It looks like a lot of hose and pipe connected to a device the size of a large thermos. Developed by two retired GE engineers, each device is meant to be cheap, rugged, and efficient. It can chlorinate 1,000 gallons of water an hour with a bit of table salt and a simple car battery or solar panel as a power source, and its waste products—chlorine and sodium hydroxide—can be used as disinfectants or mixed together to make a harmless saline solution.
— FastCoExist

Thanks FastCoExist for sharing another example of how entrepreneurs are the greatest force for good on the planet!

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Five Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Working for Myself


The awesome Lifehacker website recently featured some of the downsides of self-employment.  Short version:

  1. You might be the worst boss ever!
  2. You Are the CEO, Sales Department, Product Department, IT and Customer Support Team, Operations Team, and Janitor
  3. You Might Not Remember What "Free Time" Is Anymore
  4. The "Feast or Famine" Cycle Is a Vicious Rollercoaster
  5. You Might Envy Your Salaried Colleagues

We love entrepreneurship here at Click Workspace, but it is important for folks to know the pros and cons to the this career path.  Read the full article here.