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Clean Water For The Philippines, From Car Batteries And Kentucky College Students


FastCoExist brings us this awesome story of college entrepreneurs who have found a way to sustainably deliver clean water to folks in the Philippines (or anywhere) using cheap, readily available components.

The M-100 Chlorine Generator isn’t complicated or beautifully designed. It looks like a lot of hose and pipe connected to a device the size of a large thermos. Developed by two retired GE engineers, each device is meant to be cheap, rugged, and efficient. It can chlorinate 1,000 gallons of water an hour with a bit of table salt and a simple car battery or solar panel as a power source, and its waste products—chlorine and sodium hydroxide—can be used as disinfectants or mixed together to make a harmless saline solution.
— FastCoExist

Thanks FastCoExist for sharing another example of how entrepreneurs are the greatest force for good on the planet!

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