Congrats Chris Landry: Signed a Distribution Agreement for his Latest Short Film

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Click member Chris Landry has signed a distribution agreement for his short film, Joanna Macy and the Great Turning

The 26-minute film, which is based on an interview with Macy, the 84-year-old environmental writer, teacher and activist, will be distributed by the Video Project, a San Francisco-based company that distributes environmental films to multiple audiences, including colleges, community groups, and consumers.

Chris has been involved in video production for a number of years, but this is his first film. It will be released this spring.  Congrats Chris!

Steve Blank, Greatest Teacher of Entrepreneurship, Interview Video

Steve Blank is arguably the greatest teacher of entrepreneurship alive.  This video has some of his own entrepreneurial journey and summarizes his unique philosophy of teaching entrepreneurship.  His philosophy is built around the scientific method and the humility to accept we do not know the future... but the audacity to believe we can discover it.  

Funding Fridays: Introduction to the Flavors of Capital

Welcome to another Funding Friday post, an occasional series of videos and links to best practices on raising startup funding. 

Image by Becco Eliacik

Image by Becco Eliacik

This week we're talking about the many flavors that startup capital comes in. Each flavor has its own strengths and weaknesses and is appropriate for different entrepreneurs at different times.  Today's video is an intro to the topic.  We'll go over each flavor in more detail over the coming weeks.  

    Introduction to the Flavors of Capital


Funding Fridays: The Executive Summary

Welcome to the first in an occasional series, Funding Fridays, where we bring you videos and links to best practices on raising startup funding. 

This week we're talking about the Executive Summary. A good one can really help you get past those initial filters and serve as a tool to facilitate great conversations with mentors and even potential investors.  A bad one can get you disqualified in seconds.

Having reviewed more than a thousand of these, I have found some standard rules that help tremendously.  Below are links to my lecture on this, including Good and Bad examples of how to do most sections (thanks to Bob Hyers for that suggestion years ago!).

Or you can view part I right here!