Running Companies Without Titles Or Hierarchy

There is a growing movement to run companies without titles or hierarchy.  People have tried this for decades and, sadly, mostly failed.  But in the past ten years several companies have embraced various forms of this concept and been successful: Valve, a 300+ person, $1 billion per year in revenue companyAsana, the hot Silicon Valley productivity startup, and Medium to name a few.  Zappos just adopted Holacracy, the most well-articulated structure for achieving the no-titles, no-hierarchy approach.  Some are wondering if this might be an ideal way for startups to organize.  We are too!  What about you?

More on Holacracy from its founder in the below video:

Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational pioneer best known for his work developing Holacracy, an organizational operating system that concretely embodies the agile, transparent capacities called for in today's turbulent times.