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Social Entrepreneur Jay Piltser Joins Click!

2014 01 27 piltser jay.jpg

Click is delighted to welcome our newest member, Jay Piltser.  Jay is a self described geek turning her technical prowess to make the world a better place through her latest startup: DiscoveringYourAwesome.  

In her own words...

Developing strengths, my own and those who play with me, is my main focus. An important subset of which, are: a positive and accurate identity, effective communication and relationship skills, awareness of social justice issues and tools for reaching goals and optimizing productivity.
Some of what I am playing with right now includes:
Coaching smart people who need more confidence, making educational or just silly YouTube videos, WordPress, psychology and education, social and life skills workshops for teens, research on high ability and underachievement, sensitivities and intensity in people, Go and other board games, nutrition and how protein and green stuff is good for us, researching how labels are useful and limiting, being outside when it is warm and sunny.