Thoughts on the Collective Awesome

A couple of months ago Click moved to a gorgeous, newly renovated building at 9 ½ Market St. in Northampton. Like a plant in a tiny pot, we were limited in our old space and just couldn’t grow our membership or in our mission to engage with the community through entrepreneurship education and cultural opportunities.

In our old space we could all see one another and it was almost impossible not to say hi. Now we’re spread out across multiple floors and our membership has nearly doubled. How can we ensure that we scale the positive energy as our membership grows?

Sociologists tell us that community has a rather broad definition. It’s a group of people in a common space (physical or virtual) with shared interests and values. We’ve got that! The real question now is how to maintain and even accelerate the strong sense of community here at Click.

How to Expand the Collective Awesome

  • Affirm the sense of shared need - We’ve said all along that Click is a network of talented colleagues and friends. Click members are fantastic as individuals. They’re talented, engaged in their work, and diverse in every way. We’re a great mix of developers, designers, writers, programmers, activists, and more. But as varied as our interests and experiences are, everyone at Click values the workspace and how it affects their productivity. We get things done around here and we’re all here because we want to be.
  • Create opportunities for organized and organic intersections – When people from backgrounds, different professions, and experience levels intersect, good things happen. We encourage members to say hi, engage in conversation from time to time, share a bit about themselves and speak up if something’s not working. Whether it’s a casual introduction or a formal presentation, at Click there are regular opportunities to get to know one another both as professionals and as citizens of the world.
  • Be part of something bigger – Work is important, but our members appreciate that Click is also supporting engagement with other communities too. We participate in a regional network of entrepreneurship, innovation, creative, and cultural organizations, support local businesses, and the arts in our space.
  • Share the collective awesomeness – We like to let the world know that good stuff is happening here. We open our doors to the community and regularly promote member success stories.
  • Keep at it, but be patient - People are busy. That’s why they’re here. You can’t force growth, but with the right mix of attention to individuals and opportunities, community will grow and thrive.