Is Coworking What You've Been Looking For?

When we give tours to prospective members, we hear one thing a lot: They've tried working from home and it's just not working out for them. While some reasons are are singular to the individual, more often than not there's a common list of complains: Working from home is uncomfortable, unstimulating, lonely, and filled with distractions (suddenly, the dishes in the sink have to be washed, and doesn't the dog need another walk?). All of this leads to decreased happiness and productivity, and that becomes a vicious cycle that affects both business and psyche.

A new member once exclaimed after her first day at Click, "I've gotten more done today than I have in the last two weeks!" That's a common sentiment. Clearly, coworking is onto something.

If you're feeling down in the dumps about your current work environment, you might find your fit in a coworking space. A coworking community is...

Focused & Productive -- Working hard is contagious. There's something about sharing a space with other dedicated, ambitious individuals that inspires everyone to buckle down and get their work done. And the coffee machine and snack box are your biggest distractions; as hard as you look, you won't find any laundry needing folding.

Social (in just the right dose) -- Coworking provides a built-in network of peers who are available for advice, networking, collaboration, water cooler chats, lunches, and happy hours. But unlike in a traditional office, there's no corporate pressure to connect and participate beyond your comfort level. Coworking can provide a social environment that works for extroverts and introverts alike; you choose how much interaction suits you, without penalty.

Connected -- As you get to know your fellow coworkers, you'll find that they're tapped into all sorts of interesting things. And they probably know somebody that you've been meaning to get to know, and they'd be happy to make that introduction for you. You may even find that they're working in the same field as you, or that there's an exciting synergy between your work. Simply working in proximity to other entrepreneurs, startups, and remote employees can create professional opportunities you would not have imagined. Not to mention that sometimes you just a recommendation for a great babysitter, arborist, or art supply store (real examples from the past month).

Convenient -- Coworking spaces generally provide Internet access, networked printing, coffee, fresh water, an other conveniences as part of their membership fees. You can stop worrying about maintaining office supplies, cleaning the bathroom, and watering the plants. Let us keep up with it. You just sit yourself down and work away.

If you've been suffering at home or in the corner coffee shop, feeling inefficient, isolated, and frustrated, come give coworking a try. We'd love to give you a tour, and day passes are available if you'd like to get the full Click experience before joining. If there's one thing we know, it that there's no time like the present to get back on track by designing a happier work life for yourself.