Congrats to Click Teams Accepted Into Valley Venture Mentors

Congrats to Clickster Companies KnowledgeWare21 and EdgeFlip  for being accepted into Valley Venture Mentors (VVM)' Fall 2013 Cohort!  WHA WHO!  

VVM is the largest startup mentoring program west of Boston, itself growing more than 500% over the past year!  Competition to get into the program was fierce, with more than 70% of applicants declined.  Wow!  Way to go KnowledgeWare21 and EdgeFlip!

About the Clickster Companies:

KnowledgeWare21 (KW21) is a Northampton MA based educational management company whose platform is designed to handle the implementation of standards-based initiatives. Our software emphasizes a viable list of learning objectives aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  It allows teachers to assess student progress of those learning objectives and reports on progress to teachers, students, and parents.

EdgeFlip is a technology startup co-founded by analytics and big data experts from the Obama 2012 campaign.  Last year, members of the Edgeflip team designed and developed the \"Targeted Sharing\" progam, a Facebook-based product that was critical for reaching and engaging young voters and other hard-to-reach demographic groups.  By combining the Facebook \"social graph\" with voter data and predictive models, the campaign was able to turn more than a million online supporters into advocates.  The same team is now bringing and extended version of that technology to nonprofits, advocacy groups, and other socially responsible organizations.