Toolbox Tuesdays: Streak

Welcome to another Toolbox Tuesdays post, where we highlight tools that help coworkers Get Things Done with minimum headaches and cost.

This Tuesday we're highlighting... 

 Streak is a light-weight, GMail-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. 

Why we love it: 

  • FREE!
  • Seamless integration into GMail. 
  • Their "pipeline" tools give us the critical CRM features we most need: ability to define a track communications with prospects, where they are in a process (sales or otherwise), meta-data we need about the prospects, etc.
  • Sharing a pipeline is as easy as sharing a GoogleDoc, and as flexible.  You can select different people to have access to each pipeline, allowing you to manage multiple clients all from one inbox.
  • Adds some great features to GMail like: re-usable text snippets, ability to schedule when emails go out, and very recently they added mail merge capability.  

Most CRM systems are so heavy most of us don't bother to use them, or use them well.  Streak has just  what we need and makes it easy to use.  You can read a detailed review from LifeHacker here.

You can get Streak for free here