Congrats! Member Play Shown in Workshop Production

Naomi Shafer

Naomi Shafer

New member Naomi Shafer just had a workshop production of her play Service Dogs. The workshop, sponsored by off-Broadway company PTP/NYC, culminated in a free performance Monday night. The workshop gave the cast a chance to work out kinks in the script and discover how it reads in front of an audience, but without the pressure of a full run or reviews. A shorter version of Service Dogs won 2nd prize in Middlbury College’s inaugural New Play Festival this past spring.

The play is a dark comedy about how far four women will go to get a job in this intern economy.

The official blurb was:

“Briana, Tiana, and Stella have fresh ideas, expensive B.A.s, and flawless hair, but they're interns....still. When a job opens up at Shintz-Prarming, the women manipulate bright-eyed newbie Astrid to get an edge at the interview, and hopefully an edge up on their lives.

Naomi shared with us that “Watching the play in front of an audience taught me a lot. It was a relief to learn that others share in my sense of humor. There’s nothing quite as awesome as being able to give my actor friends jobs.”

Congrats Naomi!  We are delighted to have you in our coworking community!