Lean Launchpad Graduating Teams Delivered!

Earlier this month we graduated the first cohort from our Lean Launchpad:Pioneer Valley course.  The results were extraordinary.  

Compared to similar types of intro-to-entrepreneurship courses the same instructors have taught before graduates of the Lean Launchpad were 10x more likely to be generating revenue!  Angel investors walking out of the graduation ceremony remaked that they had never seen first-time entrepreneurs make so much progress so quickly.

The awesome entrepreneurs behind one of our graduating teams, uChampion, made this rock'n video about how their idea has evolved and how the class helped them.  They kindly gave us permission to share.

Our thanks go out to all the awesome people who helped make this first run of the Lean Launchpad Pioneer Valley such a success: Rick FeldmanThom FoxJim MummJoe GensheimerTom PorterAimen Khan, and our lead instructor Paul G. Silva.