Congrats to Landry Communications, 2nd International Client!

Chris Landry.jpg

Congratulations to Clickster Chris Landry of Landry Communications.  He is recently back from a week in Holland with his client Solidaridad, an NGO that works around the world to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

"Solidaridad actually invented fair trade," says Chris. "They launched the first fair trade coffee, and then the first fair trade fruit. But they're looking way beyond certification to find new ways to create supply chains that increase producer incomes, meet business needs, and reduce environmental impact."

Solidaridad is well known in most parts of the world, but has set up shop in North America for the first time. Landry Communications has been asked to develop and implement North American communications strategy for the organization — work that encompasses all three services the firm provides: brand identity, communications strategy, and content development.

"This is a multi-year project with a great client, committed to excellence," Chris reports. "Our week in Holland was with their communications staff from around the world. We spent much of it talking about both the art and science of telling a story. It begins with clarifying your goal, identifying your audience, crafting the message, and then (and only then) expressing the message in the most relevant media."

This is the second global client for Landry Communications, which last year conducted a comprehensive brand study for Reos Partners, a social benefit consultancy with offices on five continents.