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Arts Night Out: "Celebrate Spring!"

  • CLICK Workspace 9 1/2 Market Street Northampton, MA, 01060 United States (map)

April's Arts Night Out at CLICK Workspace is a celebration of spring!

Featuring the final month of Laura Radwell's "Inner Impressions of Landscapes", and an interactive flower making exhibit!

Laura Radwell is a native New Yorker, artist and designer, who has been living in Massachusetts since the 1970s.  While she explored a variety of mediums earlier in life, her love of oil painting provided the most inspiration and impetus to take up her brushes once again after running a communications business for many years.  In 2014, she returned to oil painting and is currently working on large(r) scale works which focus on her inner impressions of landscape.  She has had numerous exhibitions in recent years, and is represented by the Hoadley Gallery in Lenox, MA. 

Her colorful abstract pieces are sure to inspire you for what's to come this spring. Learn to make a variety of paper flowers and add them to our interactive instillation!

Artist's Statement:

"My current work belongs to the category of abstract landscape. I paint, not from the outside in, but from the inside out.  Rather than attempting to capture a scene already there before me, I create imagined and felt spaces of form and color. The best description of my process is that it is a confluence of memory and imagination, a love of the landscape in all its forms, and the integration of time and space. I use oils and paint mostly on canvas, panel and sometimes paper.  The works make use of rich, bold color to fashion and describe the primary elements of nature—clouds, water, earth.

While most often I feel calm and serene when I approach a blank canvas  with no articulated plan or objective, I do have some notions/ideas with which to begin, hoping that they take the work in good directions.  Often the result is surprisingly more energetic and energized than I feel while painting. Sometimes large, sweeping brush strokes imbue the paintings with movement and emotion. Spontaneous marks and imperfections punctuate, reflecting reality and lending a sense of time. The spaces created invite wandering and contemplation, and the combination of colors, patterns, and textures evoke space and atmosphere in different ways for each viewer. 

It's a gift and a mystery to walk outside and sense the mood of each day, and it is this ephemeral, elusive state of wonder that I hope to capture in my work."

Refreshments will be served.

Photo Credit: Sofia Nardi (Left- Radwell, Oluc)

Photo Credit: Sofia Nardi (Left- Radwell, Oluc)

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