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ANO: Where We Are, True Places, Cool Hand Ukes, Ukulele Scramble

  • CLICK Workspace 9 1/2 Market Street Northampton, MA, 01060 United States (map)

Arts Night Out, June 2018:

Where We Are & True Places

Photo Exhibitions with music by

Cool hand Ukes, and Ukulele Scramble

Friday, June 8th, 2018, 6-8pm

Where We Are | First Floor Open Space

This 90-photograph exhibition explores the idea of place and being. Through their own artistic lense and interpretation, six photographers capture the notion of where we are as a society, physically, politically, socially and emotionally. All of the artists share their perspectives and commentary on the world through social media and were selected for their strong Instagram presence. Their online reach is indicative of where we are technologically, and how it can bring us together as a society, even from very remote parts of the globe.

Artists Statements:

Melissa Cooper (@lilmisswhimsypix)

“I am absolutely in LOVE with color, I have a healthy respect for humor and I'm always looking for the next new photo challenge. ”

Andy Castillo (@visual_musings)

“No matter where I go, my heart is always here, in my Pioneer Valley home. It's tethered to the fertile soil that rolls up from the glistening Connecticut River into surrounding hills.”

Dawa Drolma (@dawadrolma)

“We are in a small valley called Menshod located on The Roof of the World. We are a Tibetan community with a population of around 6,300 people who are agro-pastoralists.”

Jeff Kelley (@postaljeff)

“These two sentiments may explain why I often seem to get the following comments about my pictures: “Where was this taken? I don’t recognize this spot, and I’ve lived here all my life!”; or “I know that place! I’ve never seen it in this light.” Whether you’re a local or not, I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from the area.”

Gabrielle K. Murphy (@goldilocksoftheshire)

“Though my subjects may vary, I am steadfast in that my ultimate goal is to convey a sense of energy that represents not only what I saw, but also what was felt; thereby creating a special connection between the moment, the viewer and me.”

Darren Port (@greeninspires)

“Composed over the past few years, mostly in the Valley, from marches and rallies, or other social and community gatherings, the photographs in the, “Where We Are” show primarily explore where we are in a social-political context."

True Places | Third Floor Galleries

Pamela Cobb

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.”
— Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“My photography is a response to scale in landscapes: the intimate spaces of the east coast and the dramatic and vast open spaces of the west. My intention is to make images that are simultaneously specific and universal, referring to a sense of place in the land that could be anywhere. Beyond a description of what is there, the images refer to landscape in the abstract and how it is perceived and experienced: the urge to explore, the attempt to orient oneself, and the desire to return time after time.”

Featuring performances by...

Uke Scramble-1118.jpeg

Cool Hand Ukes is select group of multi-talented Ukulele players with a shared enthusiasm for performing Rock, pop, blues, and classic country tunes the Uke way. FUN!


The Ukulele Scramble are Richard Perlmutter and Robin Hoffman. They sing and play rare, obscure and underperformed songs from the past 500 years; especially works from the Renaissance, and Parlor and Art Songs from the 19th Century. They update, revise and rewrite lyrics for many of these songs, often humorously, and perform them on ukuleles and other small stringed instruments. The group is based in Western Massachusetts.

All pieces will be available for purchase; proceeds will benefit the artist and the Art Program at CLICK.

Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

Exhibition Sponsors

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