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Arts Night Out, May 2019

Join us for the opening of a new art exhibit by painter Sydney Quinonez-Diaz

Karma (1).JPG

Sydney’s work is mostly acrylic on canvas, occasionally mixed media, and often murals. She has travelled across the states, lived in a handful, and eventually settled in Western Massachusetts. Here she met many of her art heroes/mentors, husband, and earned a Baccalaureate in Nursing. 

Syd has contributed to many public art projects: Utility Box, Springfield MA, Springfield Symphonies Collaborative Art and Symphonic Show in Spring 2011, Springfield MA, and Dr. Seuss exhibit at the Springfield, MA Museums. She also works part-time as a nurse and full-time as a Mom.

Sydney was born with strabismus (crossed eyes) and astigmatism (a condition that causes blurring vision.) As a toddler she underwent corrective surgery and wore glasses for 14 years. When her eyes are tired, her vision blurs. The abstract backgrounds in her work aren’t a far cry from her view as a child and depict the world as she saw it- bright and blurred. 

Frequenting the themes of flora and fauna in her work— Squid Studios delivers playful postures, pure pigment, and paints personality in the undertones of each piece. Nature is captured through her eyes, and nurtured with her motherly touch.

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Arts Night Out festivities are FREE to all, complimentary bar (for those 21+) and snacks!

Thank you to our sponsor Claire Luttrell, for your generous support!