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P L A T F O R M 5: Tanya Pearson // Sam Chaplin // Sara Smith

P L A T F O R M is an open source lecture series designed to promote active discussion. P L A T F O R M is interested in creating a space in which writers/artists/academics/performers get to discuss things like research, practice, and process, offering a social discourse beyond their work. There is a brief Q & A at the end of each event.

Tanya Pearson is a musician, feminist, oral historian & curator of the Women of Rock Oral History Project. She will be talking about the representation of women in rock media, history & scholarship, & the use of oral history ti create a more inclusive rock narrative in a lecture titled "Pretend We're Dead: An Oral History of Rock."

Sam Chaplin is a psychotherapist, poet, performer. They will be talking about heartbreak, transience, surrender in a lecture titled "Love Melancholy: A Revolt Against Mourning."

Sara Smith is an interdisciplinary choreographer & librarian. She will talk about historical research as an imaginative act in a lecture called "Florence Rice Hitchcock & the Politics of Time Travel."