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Arts Night Out: "United States Schematic Maps" Opening Reception

Click Workspace proudly premieres Transit Authority Figures' graphic art exhibition, "United States Schematic Maps"

Think of any state in the USA. 

Picture the general iconic shape of that state. Now imagine all the locations you’ve heard of—cities, vacation spots, college towns, roadside attractions, mountains, beaches, battlefields, the famous and the infamous. How many can you mentally pin onto that shape? With what degree of accuracy?

Inspired by subway maps, these schematics position and link the ‘most important’ places in every state. And—like subway maps—positioning is somewhat distorted, detail is eliminated, and lines are straightened to create the most simple and memorable diagram possible. 

By approximating relative locations in an orderly and minimal fashion, we hope to create for the observer new mental maps that endure long after viewing.

Musical accompaniment for the evening will be performed by local jazz pianist Rob Fontana.