Our music series draws crowds to the CLICK event space to enjoy up-close encounters with artists experimenting with their music-making and collaborating with fellow musicians, creating one-of-a-kind concert experiences.


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Concert Archive

APRIL 2019

diAna alvarez

Click featured Dr. Diana Alvarez on 26 April 2019. She is a singer-songwriter, poet, composer, documentary filmmaker, and scholar whose work embodies a queer Xicanx vision to dissolve oppression through art. Building 8 Brewery provided refreshments as always!


May 2018

Annie Patterson

Click featured Annie for an evening of singing and hearing stories about her work creating Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. Annie carries with her a suitcase of incredible song knowledge and a repertoire that includes over 2400 songs from many genres, including Americana, contemporary folk, ballads, Motown, gospel, country and jazz. Peter Blood joined on Fiddle.


april 2018

Chris Haynes

Accordionist, pianist and composer Christopher Haynes is joined by guitarist Anand Nayak, pianist Stephen Page and percussionist Russ Nieman for an evening of his own compositions, which vary in style from Celtic to Jazz, Balkan and Classical; while never staying in those boundaries in any particular way. Put another way, this music takes the accordion out of its comfort zone, with a little something for any and all listeners.


March 2018

May Erlewine

One of the most prolific and passionate songwriters of her generation, May’s music has touched the hearts of people all over the world. May pulled from a wide variety of sounds and influences to create her unique musical landscape. Traditional folk roots, old time country swing, soul and rock and roll were heard this evening. May's music is about feeling and it’s about telling life’s stories.


February 2018

Groupo Mambique

Groupo Mambique brought the rhythm to our feet! This all acoustic Mambo Dura Quartet, featured Horns and Latin Percussion. Founded in the 90's, their unqiue sound is a mix of Salsa, cumbia, Merengue, Batchata, Samba, Cha Cha, Timba, Bomba, Regaton, and other musical styles. 


January 2018

Tim Eriksen

Tim Eriksen is best known for a hardcore Americana sound that unites a mastery of traditional American folk styles with innovative arrangement, original and experimental music. Early trained in South Indian classical music, Eriksen has established himself through punk, world and indie rock in bands including the influential Cordelia’s Dad (post-punk and folk) and Žabe I Babe (Bosnian folk and rock). The performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and author living in Western Massachusetts was joined by singing fiddler Zoë Darrow and longtime Cordelia’s Dad bandmate Peter Irvine on percussion and voice.


NOVEMber 2017


Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem’s WINTERSONG concert skipped the holiday canon and went straight to the power and beauty at the roots of Christmas. An ode to light and dark at the turning of the year, WINTERSONG is a gift, wrapped in electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, percussion, four-part harmony, and hope. 


October 2017

KEith Murphy

Keith Murphy's concert showcased material from his newest release, Suffer No Loss. The program included a mix of songs and ballads from his native Newfoundland as well as New England, his adopted home these last 20 years or so. Murphy has revisited some of the most well-known, classic Newfoundland folk songs, songs he grew up with and now reinterprets after years of musical traveling. 


September 2017

The Pamela Means Band

Pamela Means views her music as both an artistic and political outlet—to her, the two are interwoven in the fabric of her lyrics and intricate guitar work. Her songs, although sometimes musing on softer matters of the heart, are often rallying cries for justice and racial equality. Oregon Live proclaimed that Means' vocals are “hard-wired to her heart: emotional, raw, angry when it needs to be, yet supple and warm as an embrace. The truth may not always be pretty, but Means is a stunningly effective messenger.”


May 2017

Jennifer Kimball with Rose Polenzani

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jennifer Kimball has forged an unconventional career path since her departure from the seminal, 90s folk-pop duo, The Story (with Jonatha Brooke). A formidable songwriter and consummate performer, Kimball was joined by Rose Polenzani (opener) and special guest Kris Delmhorst for a magical night of harmonies, featuring songs from her most recent album, Avocet.


April 2017

Stuart Fuchs with Sarah Carlisle

Stuart Fuchs is a performing and teaching artist who has presented his innovative & holistic music workshops at the top ukulele festivals across the U.S. and Canada. He balances virtuosity and heart on his classical guitar, ukulele, Native American flute, and didjeridoo. In this CLICK Music concert, Stuart was joined by Sarah Carlisle for a performance of ukuleles, guitar, upright bass and mandolin. They premiered new original songs from the upcoming album “After All the Time."


March 2017

Close Your Eyes: An Evening of Lullabies

Our audience was invited to an unusually quiet evening, and perhaps a different way of listening, courtesy of musicians Polly Fiveash, Anand Nayak and Jim Eagan. We provided comfortable seating as well as spaces to bring yoga mats and pillows and lie down. No applause. No alarm clocks. The stress of the day fell quickly away.


February 2017

Zoë Darrow & Stephen Katz

Our second concert celebrated the spirit of improvisation with not only individual sets by celebrated local musicians Zoë Darrow (fiddle) & Stephen Katz (cello), but an unrehearsed, collaborative set between the two the two artists, who had only just met in person.


January 2017

Exploratory Devices

Our first CLICK Music concert was a double-bill featuring George Langford (Javelin) and 3rdness by Noam Schatz. Armed with several Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloops, George created textural sonic collages and invited the audience to join in this rare, hands-on and improvisatory affair where audience participation was encouraged. 3rdness is the nom de noise of Noam Schatz, a veteran of the Valley music scene, and he showcased his circuit bent instruments. Circuit bending is the art of destruction, purposefully breaking toy keyboards and drum machines until they unveil compelling new sounds. The two closed the night with a couple of improvised pieces (they'd only met that night!).