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Our thanks to George O'Brien of BusinessWest for his wonderful article on Click!


“There are collisions — and lots of them,” said Silva, adding quickly that these developments take many forms, such as individuals collaborating on an idea that becomes a business concept. Or an entrepreneur finding an angel investor that can provide the capital to get an idea off the ground. Or a writer making the acquaintance of a social-media expert who has some suggestions on how she can better communicate with her readers.

All these scenarios and countless others have played out at a unique facility in Northampton called Click Workspace, or simply ‘Click,’ as most members call it. It is one of the more recent manifestations of a trend toward coworking, a style of work that involves a shared environment, said Silva, the nonprofit facility’s president, noting that it was inspired by much larger projects such as the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Innovation Pavilion in Colorado, which was founded by serial entrepreneur Ali Usman, who would later help start Click..."

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2013 Saw Click Grow 50%, Launch Hotly Demanded Course, and Have a Blast!

Image credit: Edgar Olivera

Image credit: Edgar Olivera

We have a lot to be thankful for as we close the books on 2013.  Click's membership grew by more than 50% and includes amazing people that joined our existing awesome crew.  We held some of the only family-friendly entrepreneurship socials (which were a blast :)) in the Valley.  And finally, we launched our first entrepreneurship course and watched it deliver results far better than anything we have seen before.

We can't wait to see what 2014 will bring :).

Click Brings the #1 Entrepreneurship Curriculum to Western Massachusetts

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Click Workspace is proud to announce the creation of Lean Launchpad: Pioneer Valley, the first course in Western Massachusetts based on Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad, the #1 entrepreneurship curriculum in the country,  This curriculum has proven its ability to dramatically reduce startups' odds of failure by accelerating their ability to find a repeatable, scalable business model before they run out of ramen noodles (or spousal patience :)).  

Our version of the course is optimized for entrepreneurs in the Pioneer Valley actively developing a startup.   The course begins on Tuesday, September 17th.  To learn more, please view the course syllabus .

To ensure teams get lots of individualized attention, we are limiting enrollment.  Four slots remain.  

To apply for a slot, contact us.


One Permanent Desk Remains

Click's most-requested offering is a Permanent Desk.  Right now we have one becoming available on September 1st.  It will go fast!  Want it?  Please contact us.

New to Coworking?  A Permanent Desk is a desk and file cabinet that is yours and yours alone, 24/7.  Leave pictures of the kiddies, set up a spiffy dual monitor, and get added privacy for phone calls.  Plus you get all the usual member benefits: broadband wi-fi, conference rooms, power, printers, kitchenette, free tea & coffee, and awesome people to work alongside.  You can find details on all our offerings and their prices here.

To learn more, contact us

Here are two images: an empty desk, and one someone has made their own :).